Youth Treatment Groups

1)   Take A Chance, Make A Change

The purpose of this group is to support youth around learning to positively manage their feelings (anger, hurt, frustration, sadness, fear, etc.) and improving their coping and problem-solving skills. The Group is a twelve module (12 weeks) cognitive-behavioural group focusing on experiential learning. The participants learn by observing and by doing. Activities and exercises are selected to convey concepts and to assist the youth with remembering the key points. Group work is facilitated by: modeling and explaining the skill; creating opportunities for practice (role-plays, games, homework); providing feedback; making links to the youth’s world in the community; rewarding efforts and gains no matter how small.

  • 12-18 year old males and females
  • Youth are here on a voluntary basis
  • Parents/Guardians are required to attend the final session


2)   My Friends / Friends For Life

Focused on issues of anxiety and mild depression, these Evidence-based groups help youth to prevent and/or manage mental health problems by teaching practical skills and strategies for coping with stress, worry, fear and sadness.

The two programs, defined by the age of the youth, provide for nine weeks of instruction and support. They are offered principally to young people for whom anxiety and/or mild depression are the main issue they are dealing with.

  • MY FRIENDS (12-15 year old males and females)
  • FRIENDS FOR LIFE (15-18 year old males and females)
  • Youth must indicate they are willing to work towards positive change
  • Parents/guardians are required to attend 3 scheduled sessions

These programs are offered jointly by Craigwood Youth Services and WAYS Mental Health Supports.


3)   Healthy Relationships

This 10 week skills-based treatment group uses an interactive approach to teach youth to identify healthy relationships from non healthy relationships.  During the course of the group participants will learn and develop:  social boundaries, assertive communication skills and emotional regulation skills.  Youth will also make friends and improve their self esteem in the context of building positive peer relationships.

The group is for Youth ages 12-17 years old who may be experience any of the following: Mild anxiety that is impacting their ability to have healthy relationships; experienced bullying; poor relationships/anti-social circle of friends and/or struggle to make friends.  We ask that all participate and the guardian show a commitment to the 10 week sessions and demonstrate they are willing to work towards positive change.

These programs are offered jointly by Craigwood Youth Services and WAYS Mental Health Supports.


Access to the Youth Treatment Groups programs is provided through our Crisis and Intake Team (519-433-0334).

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