Creating Opportunities For Positive Change In Individuals, Families And Communities

Our Mission:

Our purpose is to deliver evidence informed and result driven community mental health services that meet the needs of children, youth and families in a timely, impactful and person centred way.

Our Vision …

Positive changes creating promising futures for children, youth and families.

Principles and Core Values We Believe in:

CRAIGWOOD CARES, these values guide all we do at Craigwood:

CARES  Providing what is needed for the well-being, nurture and safety of the children, youth and families we serve and our staff providing services.


Valuing relationships with others at both the individual and organizational levels for the purpose of benefiting the lives of children, youth and families with mental health concerns.


Providing services that are inclusive of and accessible to all members of the community, tailored to their individual needs, perspectives and strengths.


Responding readily and sympathetically to appeals, efforts, and influences.


Striving for quality and positive outcomes in all we do as an agency.


Careful & responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.

Our Strategic Plan:

*Learn more about our Accessibility policy here.