Creating Opportunities For Positive Change In Individuals, Families And Communities

Our Mission:

We are a community mental health resource that creates opportunities for youth and their caregivers to achieve more promising futures.

Our Vision …

Principles and Core Values We Believe in:

Collaboration: The importance of collaborating with community partners and others in broadening the resources available, integrating services more holistically and seeking greater opportunities in achieving enhanced outcomes for clients..

Excellence: Striving to deliver programs and services that meet the evolving needs of clients and their families based on sound research, best practices, prevention / early intervention and ongoing evaluation.

Inclusion & Accessibility*: Providing services that are inclusive of and accessible to all members of the community, built upon their individual needs, perspectives .

Innovation: Developing an organizational culture that fosters innovation, risk taking, team approaches and is built upon continuous learning and improvement.

Responsiveness: Listening to and respecting in our decision-making processes the perspectives and needs of our clients, community partners, communities, employees, students, volunteers and funders,

Stewardship: Being accountable for the decisions made, the effective use of the resources provided and acting with integrity and transparency in all that is undertaken.

Trustworthiness: Conducting ourselves in ways that promote the trust‐based relationships necessary to achieve positive change in our clients, employees and communities.

Valuing our Staff: Recognizing the importance of and the contributions of our staff and volunteers in meeting the needs of the youth and families served, and in realizing the Mission of Craigwood Youth Services.

*Learn more about our Accessibility policy here.

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