Woodview Program

Secure And Supportive Service For Youth In Ontario’s Justice System

If you are required to be admitted to Woodview, you have the opportunity to learn better ways to take responsibility for your own life. Success can be achieved only with your co-operation and participation.

Woodview is a highly specialized gender-responsive program for female adolescents who await disposition or are sentenced to a secure setting under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Woodview combines protection of the community with youth stabilization, support, rehabilitation and counselling aligned to support the achievement of the Youth Justice Service Division’s four outcomes for youth:

Clinical Overview

The Woodview program is designed to meet the adolescent development, female gender-specific, unique mental health and life experiences of each youth. The program is based on cognitive behavioural principles and interventions, best practices, consultation, evidence-informed and/or evidence-based programming and integrated with other services provided to youth. Five primary principles further define and guide the program. These principles are: Risk; Need; Responsivity; Resiliency; and Relational/Restorative.

  • Improved functioning and positive social behaviour;
  • Increased skills and abilities;
  • Increased youth engagement with supports; and
  • Decreased re-offending.

Through brief or extended terms of detention or custody, young females in the care of Woodview are provided with rehabilitative programs aimed at achieving positive change and reducing the chance of recidivism. Security measures at Woodview protect society from additional victimization by the youth sentenced to our care. At the same time, Craigwood’s qualified child and youth workers counsel and work with our youth to assist them in making the right changes to prevent their return to the court system.

A Case Management team supports each young person and includes the youth, parent(s) or legal guardian, Probation Officer (if applicable), a Primary Worker, Program Supervisor, Social Workers and school teacher. A community reintegration plan is created from the day of admission and young persons are introduced to services and supports available in the community to assist them on their release.

We ensure residents have a safe and secure setting as they transition through the court process. During your residency here, you have access to assessment services, skills development, counselling, educational opportunities and job skills training to help you prepare for your next steps into the community.

Therapeutic groups and services at Woodview include:

  • Life and Social Skills
  • Girls Moving On
  • Dealing with intense emotions, Anger Management and Interpersonal Problem-Solving
  • Health Education
  • Substance Abuse Awareness
  • Victim Awareness
  • Financial Literacy
  • Employment Preparation
  • Cultural Teachings (as applicable)
  • Healthy Sexuality and Lifestyle


Youth are admitted to the Woodview program only through custody and detention orders under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

  • 10-bed program
  • Females age 12 – 18
  • Youth Justice custody or detention
  • Ailsa Craig campus

Craigwood’s approach to building the foundation for the lasting success of our clients