Supporting a child with their mental health can feel overwhelming. You are not alone!

Craigwood Youth Services is proud partners with Vanier Children’s Mental Wellness and Humana Community Services in the HOPE program, designed to support and help caregivers and families in our community. 

What is HOPE?

Helping Other Parents Excel (HOPE) is a program run by caregivers for caregivers, people who have faced similar challenges and understand from a personal level what it’s like.

What does HOPE offer?

  • telephone support
  • one-to-one meetings
  • support at school meetings and with other community programs
  • monthly support groups and information sharing
  • access to information including articles, community resources, initiatives, parent engagement opportunities and more!

What is the best thing about being a part of HOPE?

The sense of community and belonging. We understand.

We are appreciative and grateful of the support and work being done by all involved and are fortunate enough to have some of the families in the HOPE program share directly about their experiences. Watch and listen to their testimonials and how HOPE positively impacted their lives.

Looking to inquire further? Click the button below for a brochure and additional info on how to connect to this service!