Pathways to Craigwood

Children’s mental health support in London/Middlesex region

Youth and families may become clients of Craigwood through referrals from other social service organizations, by reaching out directly for help through our Crisis Intake Team telephone line, or by being court-ordered into our care. Our primary sources of referrals include

  • Children’s Aid Society of London and Middlesex: 519 455 9000
    CAS provides services to vulnerable children, youth and families in the London and Middlesex community.
  • Community Service Coordination Network (CSCN): 519.438.4783
    CSCN does not provide services but is a single point of access to multiple therapeutic intensive service providers. Applications for assistance are provided online for youth and families in London, Middlesex, Elgin, Huron, Oxford and Perth counties.

Additional Mental Health Resources for Youth and Families

KIDS Helpline

OPP Communications Centre

Poison Information Centre


Ontario Mental Health Helpline

Reach Out – Mental Health Addictions Crisis Services

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