If you need immediate support, our Tandem Team is available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. A Tandem counsellor can answer your questions and guide you to the services that we and other support sources can offer here in the London area.

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You Aren’t Alone

Service & Support for Children, Youth and Their Families

It’s easy to feel isolated, when mental health problems come into your life.

Whether you are a young person experiencing emotional or behavioural difficulties yourself, or if you are facing problems presented by your son or daughter, or any young person close to you – you aren’t alone in your struggle.

Many others have been in your shoes before. And many have found the help they need at Craigwood.

We are here for you

Craigwood offers support, intervention and opportunities for youth with a variety of issues related to mental health. These can include:

  • anti-social behaviour, misconduct and conduct disorder
  • substance use and abuse
  • persistent anxiety
  • anger and emotional regulation challenges
  • disruption of family relationships and functioning
  • trauma

Often, these problems appear along with other issues such as learning and attention difficulties, poor attendance at school, or involvement with the Youth Justice system.

 We can make a difference

Craigwood has an excellent record for helping youth and families.

Craigwood is a fully accredited children’s mental health centre, with more than 60 years’ experience helping youth to overcome these challenges. We take pride in our reputation for achieving positive long term results for the families we serve.

  • Our staff is professionally trained.
  • Our residential facilities are provincially licensed.
  • Our approach is non-judgmental.
  • There is no charge to you for our services.
  • We treat you with respect, and as an individual

Learn how Craigwood measures and achieves positive outcomes?