Community-Based Mental Health Services For Youth And Families

Craigwood’s Family and Community Support Programs (FCSP) respond to the mental health and emotional challenges of youth and their families, using any of the following services alone or in combination as indicated

“IFS” – Intensive Family Services
(including Parent Group Services)

IFS is offered in tandem with Craigwood’s Parent Group program. These two components provide support where conflict in the home is a serious issue and stability of the home is threatened. The Parent Group is a series of highly structured sessions over 6 weeks where parenting practices are strengthened. The group component is complemented by 6 weeks of intensive service, providing on average 4-6 hours per week of in‑home and in‑community support.

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Youth Counselling

This community-based mental health service is offered to individuals 12-18 years-of-age and, residing in London or Middlesex County. Qualified Master Level counselors support those with identified mental health difficulties including social, emotional, behavioural, adjustment, and/or other challenges that affect overall functioning and success.

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Day Treatment (including Section 23 School program)

Craigwood provides a specialized educational and mental health service for up to 8 students and their families in collaboration with the Thames Valley District School Board. The program allows youth to continue their education as they learn and develop the skills, attitudes and aptitudes that will enable them to return to a community school.

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Youth Treatment Group

These after-school sessions provide support for youth experiencing anxiety, mild depression, peer issues such as bullying, or who experience difficulty managing an array of normal feelings such as anger, frustration and hurt.

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Talk-in (walk-in) Clinics

Our “Talk-in” services welcome youth and their families to drop in any time, with no appointment or referral, for a single session of Master’s-level counselling as their need arises. Talk-in Clinics are located in easily accessible community centres throughout London and Middlesex.

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After-school Respite

This program is for youth 12-18 who are either awaiting other mental health supports services, or who are in transition from mental health supports. The program offers respite for families and recreational and arts activities for participants.

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Access to Craigwood community-based services* is provided through Tandem (519-433-0334).
* Talk-in Clinics are open for one-on-one counselling with no appointment or referral required. See our listing for locations and hours.