Craigwood Parent Groups

Helping Parents With Their Children’s Mental Health

The Parent Group program at Craigwood is a series of participative sessions for parents hoping to learn from each other and from our instructors to reclaim the love and strength of a stable family environment.  

Our instructors are experienced mental health professionals who guide the participants through an integrated learning and developmental experience where old ways are learned anew, new skills are discovered, developed and nurtured, and where parents learn from each other as they begin to utilize the ideas and skills shared in the group process.

Craigwood has formulated and refined the process and content of these group sessions through more than 25 years of work in the area of family preservation.

Should you have IFS support, too?

Although Parent Group can be provided as a standalone service, Craigwood’s research shows that best results are achieved for youth and families when participation in the Parent Group is supported by intensive in-home services through Craigwood’s IFS program.

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Access to the Parent Group program is provided through our Crisis and Intake Team (519-433-0334).