Craigwood’s Board of Directors

The community’s voice in child & youth mental health

Craigwood is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of up to 16 members providing a broad range of expertise and perspectives on behalf of the communities we serve. The Board functions under a policy governance model with primary responsibility to provide direction of the Executive Director, who is charged with achieving the mission and goals of the agency.

What does the Board do?

Through the Executive Director, the purpose of the Craigwood Board is to ensure that we:

  • Have a Strategic Plan in place to carry out our mission
  • Achieve measurable results
  • Operate within approved financial guidelines
  • Are responsive to the needs and aspirations of the community
  • Act ethically in all our activities

How are Board members selected?

Candidates for Board membership are vetted initially through interviews with the Board’s leadership team and with the Executive Director, as well as a police background check. The candidate may then be elected to a 4-year term by a simple majority of the full board membership. Members may also be re-elected to serve a second 4-year term, and must then retire.

In recruiting and selecting candidates to fill a vacancy, the Board seeks those who live in our service area and provide a balance in experience and diversity with preference to candidates who can provide useful guidance in such areas as:

  • Legal matters including contract law and liability
  • Finances and budget management
  • The regional education system and its services
  • Health services and community partners
  • Business management and entrepreneurship
  • Public relations, marketing and fundraising
  • Parents, youth and clients who have lived experience in children’s mental health services.
  • Fluency in French language
  • The interests and needs of the Ailsa Craig/Nairn community

You’re invited!

Because of our policy of maximum terms and with normal life events affecting our members, Craigwood is always interested in meeting new prospects to join our Board.

If you would like to learn more about serving the mental health needs of youth and families in your community, please click this button and apply now!