Day Treatment (including section 23 School)

Learning To Cope With Life In School (Grades 7-12)

Students referred to this service are struggling to adapt and succeed in the regular school system. Some students may not have attended school for quite some time due to severe anxiety or school place bullying. Some students are struggling to manage their behaviour and their feelings.

A multi-disciplinary team will be assigned to work with each youth and family. Team members would include the program supervisor, the primary case worker assigned, a social worker, teacher, youth and family, and others as the need indicates.

Craigwood operates a specialized service combining education and mental health support for up to 8 students and their families. The goal for students who attend this Day Treatment program is to develop the skills, attitudes and aptitudes that will enable them to return to their community school.

The Day Treatment service is jointly funded and operated with the Thames Valley District School Board. The program is staffed by experienced child and youth counselors and joined by talented teachers from the Thames Valley District School Board. We work together to create an environment where the student can regain confidence, learn new skills and become better prepared to re-join their regular school and classmates.

Usually, Day Treatment students are ready to return to their regular community school in one or two school terms.

Parental involvement is a must. We offer support to parents and require their partnership to enable their child to be as successful as possible during their time with us and in transition back to community school.

Access to the Craigwood’s Day Treatment program is provided through our Crisis and Intake Team (519-433-0334).